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S4 E13 “I’m a helpless believer in love” — A conversation with “Word of Honor” screenwriter Xiaochu

June 16, 2021 Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗
Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗
S4 E13 “I’m a helpless believer in love” — A conversation with “Word of Honor” screenwriter Xiaochu
Show Notes

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This episode is the edited version of Afra and Juan’s interview with Xiaochu, screenwriter of the popular Chinese wuxia fantasy “Word of Honor.” We talked about why the show is well-received outside China, her experience studying and trying to make it as a producer in the movie industry in LA, and her understanding of the characters Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing. There’s also a Q&A with three fans of the show at the end and Xiaochu’s special English message to fans overseas. Listen till the end! 


1:38 How do you feel about the popularity of “Word of Honor” overseas? Did you expect this? 

5:54 Xiaochu originally wanted to become a producer and studied film in Los Angeles. What made you decide to go back to China after graduation?

8:39 Why does this show appeal to so many women? How do the two main characters challenge gender norms?

11:08 Xiaochu’s thought process for writing the in-depth character profile for Zhou Zishu in the early stages of writing the show 

 12:36 Xiaochu talks about the parodies and reactions to “Word of Honor” on the internet

15:49 What’s her favorite TV show these days?

17:38 If she were a character in the world of wuxia, what kind of character would she be? 

20:00 Is “Word of Honor” a show that pushes back against workism? 

22:30 Female characters in “Word of Honor” 

25:36 The relationship between Cao Weining and Guo Xiang 

28:28 What’s the one thing Xiaochu insists on keeping intact for the story, despite pressure from others 

31: 08 Xiaochu: my mother is the biggest fan of internet reaction to WoH 

32:38 How does WoH overcome the barrier of language and culture and appeal to overseas audience 

35:16 How does Zhou Zishu reconcile with his initial rebellion against authority and his return to order towards the end of the story?

38: 30 Which scenes or plots didn’t make it into the show? Does Xiaochu want to write out what their life is like after the finale? 

[Guest introduction]

Xiaochu: screenwriter of “Word of Honor” 

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Xiaochu: “Personally I’m a totally helpless believer of love, so it means the world to me to see my expression to be heard, to be seen, to be answered by people from so many different cultural backgrounds.” 

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